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There will be no smell at all as the gas produced by PPGT-BP/LP waste oil distillation plant will be purified by our exclusive tail gas purification unit before emission.

There are 2-3 consumables which will be needed for PPGT-BP/LP waste oil distillation equipment are as following, one is our formulated catalyst, another one is refining adsorbent, and catalyst for desulfurization process of diesel fuel is required as well. As a matter of fact, those consumables required for PPGT process are carefully selected and proved to be essential to the distillation/pyrolysis process even for those famous refineries from all over the world. Please consult our sales for more information about the catalysts and what role it plays during the whole distillation process.

The byproduct are usually comprised of gas, water, oil sludge/residue and catalysts. The gas will be purified before emission or to be recycled as heating fuel; The water will be filtrated and purified as cooling water; The oil sludge could be used for burning or to be raw material for producing asphalt or road constructions. The catalysts can be reactivated by microwave or other technologies for reuse. Or to be handed over to the professional recycler for disposal.

The operation cost often includes labor cost, energy consumptions, consumables, maintenance etc. Please consult one of our sales representative for more information about operation cost and turnover of capacity you are interested. We will be providing you the professional budgets breakdown for your particular project.

Typically the yield of our distillation system is between 85-93.1% (depending on variations of water content, light HC and others ingredients from waste oil.)

We are located in the Chongqing, China(a capital city in the south west of China), you are welcome to visit us in our factory and we will be showing you a live demo with actual waste oil for one of our distillation system. You could also check everything else of our machines and factory, after that we can have more discussion for the details of our waste oil distillation plant and the contract.