Who We Are

Founded in 2007, PurePath Green Technology has been dedicated in providing customers with its exclusive turnkey solution for projects of waste oil re-refining, waste oil distillation,base oil extraction and oil desulfuring etc. 

PurePath has been following the ASME, API, ASTM & TEMA relative standards all over the design, engineering, manufacturing & inspection process from P&ID development, Process Simulation, Heat balance calculation, Equipment design & 3D molding & piping. There are many well-known software such as Apsen, PRO II, AutoCad, HTRI & PDMS has been used to serve the particular requirements for each of our customers in many different projects. With our strong engineers team and advanced experimental equipment to ensuring that PurePath will be always stays on the cutting-edge technologies in our industry.

PurePath has implemented 5S site management in the modernized workshop. With the advanced production facilities & quality control system, skilled workers. PurePath is able to manufacture over 20 sets of state-of-of-art petrochemical plant annually.

PurePath is now becoming a shining star who is combining research, development, engineering, manufacturing in petrochemical equipment industry. To devoting ourselves for a Pure Planet is the biggest mission of PurePath, for which we have been fulfilling for more than 14 years.

GEP Ecotech

What do we do

1. Engineering service for customized petrochemical project(i.e. distillation, extraction, desulfurization and so on.)

2. Turnkey solution for Waste Oil Refinery, Base Oil Extraction Plant, Lube Oil Blending Plant & Desulfurization Plant. 

3. One-stop-service for additives, catalysts, absorbents, laboratory instruments, tanks, pumps and other parts & parts of our petrochemical plant. 

What did we do

Up to now, PurePath has successfully delivered and operated over 40 petrochemical refineries all ove the world and deeply involved in over 100 petrochemical projects. 

Reference Projects

Waste oil to diesel refinery in Africa
Waste oil to diesel refinery in Africa
Waste oil to base oil refinery in Africa
Waste oil to base oil refinery in Africa
Waste oil to base oil refinery in Europe
Waste oil to base oil refinery in Europe
Waste oil to base oil refinery in Aisa
Waste oil to base oil refinery in Aisa

PurePath Values

Mission of PurePath

Devoting ourselves for a Pure Planet is the biggest mission of PurePath. 

Vision of PurePath

To be a world class supplier in the industry of waste oil re-refining, solvent extraction & desulfurization plant manufacturing.

Core Values of PurePath

Satisfying our clients, Delighting our employees. 

PurePath Milestone

2007 2013 2014 2015 2018 2020 2021
GEP Ecotech

Major Events

The predecessor of PurePath was established, and started to produce oil purifiers and related equipment for waste industrial lubricants.

The first generation of waste oil distillation plant has been developed and operated in Africa.

The second generation of waste oil refinery with improved yield and viscosity of final product was developed and operated in Southeast of Asia. 

PurePath has successfully developed the 3rd generation of genuine continuous waste oil fractinating plant which is able to produce final product in excellent quality.

The brand of PurePath has been formly registered and the first geniune continuous waste oil refinery with TFE & Short Path Evaporator was successfully operated in middle east. 

The first cavitation based desulfurization plant was delivered and operated in Uzbekistan succesfully. 

The solvent extraction plant with PurePath exclusive technologies were delivered and operated in United States, Europe and Singapore succesfully. 

The first UODS desulfurization plant for HFO has been delivered and operated and successfully.  

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