Genuine Continuous Waste Lubricating Oil Refinery for Small to Medium Scale Project

Waste Oil to Diesel Plant

PPGT-LP Waste Oil Distillation Plant is designed to crack the long chain hydrocarbons of waste motor oil into valueable diesel fuel and some byproducts such as light gas oil, light hydrocarbons, water and asphaltene sludge. With PurePath exclusive fractionating and ultrasonic desulfuring technologies, the diesel which is produced by our distillation plant is able to meet Euro-V related standards.


Waste Oil to Base oil Plant

PurePath has resigned the re-refining technologies for used lubricating oil to produce near virgin quality base oil ranging from SN80 to SN500 by using different technolologies Such as full continuous distillation, wiped film evaporation and short path distillation. In the meanwhile, we have aslo developed base oil solvent extraction plant to help you to get rid of annoying clay refining system and allow you to refine the base oil to meet API group 1+ standards.


Industrial Solutions

PurePath Wisdom Turning Waste Into Gold.

PurePath Strength

Service You Can Rely On

PurePath is committed to providing our customer with exclusive turnkey solution and extraordinary services all over the pre-sales, manaufacturing, delivery, installation and after sales process to make sure that each of our customer will be satisfied to our services and products.


PurePath for a Pure Planet

PurePath has implemented 5S site management in the modernized workshop. With the advanced production facilities & quality control system, skilled workers. PurePath is able to manufacture over 20 sets of state-of-of-art petrochemical plant annually.

PurePath is now becoming a shining star who is combining the research, development, engineering & manufacturing in petrochemical equipment industry. To devoting ourselves for a Pure Planet is the biggest mission of PurePath, for which we have been fulfilling for more than 14 years.

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