waste oil to diesel plant

Waste Oil to Diesel Plant

A waste oil to diesel plant is an industrial facility designed to convert waste oils into diesel fuel through a process known as pyrolysis distillation. This process entails heating the waste oil to high temperatures in the absence of oxygen, causing it to decompose into smaller molecules that can be further refined into diesel fuel. Typically, the process involves pre-treating the waste oil to eliminate impurities, heating the oil in a reactor vessel to a specific temperature, and subsequently cooling and condensing the resulting vapors to produce a liquid fuel. Waste oil to diesel plants are regarded as valuable sources of renewable energy, offering an alternative to conventional fossil fuels. By transforming waste oil into diesel fuel, these plants help mitigate the volume of waste oil destined for landfills or improper disposal methods.


PPGT-DF Waste Oil to Diesel Plant is designed to crack the long chain hydrocarbons of waste motor oil into valuable diesel fuel and some byproducts such as light gas oil, light hydrocarbons, water, and asphaltene sludge. With PurePath exclusive fractionating and ultrasonic desulfuring technologies, the diesel which is produced by our distillation plant is able to meet Euro-V related standards

PPGT-DF Waste Oil to Diesel Plant is able to convert different types of waste oil feedstock into diesel fuel and other valuable byproducts, such as waste motor oil, waste gear oil, waste crankcase oil, waste hydraulic oil, tire/plastic pyrolysis oil, slop oil, etc. PPGT-DF series helps relieve energy crises as well as create profits with a reasonable operation cost.

For additional solutions in waste oil processing and lube oil refining, consider exploring our waste Oil to Base Oil Plant and Lube Oil Refining Plant offerings. These innovative technologies can further enhance your sustainability and profitability goals.


PPGT-DF Waste Oil to Diesel Plant has adopted PurePath’s unique engineering designs which may be consisted by following systems;

  1. Dehydration & Sedimentation System;
  2. LGO Stripping System;
  3. Fractionating & Reflux System;
  4. Heaters & Heat  Exchangers
  5. Diesel Polishing System
  6. PLC/Scada Control System
Waste Oil to Diesel Plant manufacturing


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The primary product of this process yields 80%~85% oil that meets commercial standard diesel specifications. Meanwhile, the byproducts consist of light ends, water, and oil sludge/residue. Light ends can be utilized as a fuel oil for burners that supply cement factories, glass factories, ceramic factories, electric power factories, steel-making factories, boiler factories, and other similar facilities. On the other hand, the oil sludge/residue can be repurposed for asphalt production.

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The production will be started with a project kick off meeting; and then designing process for P&ID, process simulation, equipment selection, sizing and heat exchang calculation; and followed by manufacturing and equipment testment; then whole plant assembly for testing and then disassembling for shipping.

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The waste are usually composed by gas, water, oil sludge/residue. 

The gas will be purified for emission or recycled as heating fuel; 

The water can be filtered and purified as cooling water; 

The oil sludge can be used for burning or as material for making asphalt or road constructions.

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The diesel to be produced by our distillation plant can meet the standards of API standards commercial diesel which can be used in the diesel engines directly. Please contact us for test report.

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