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PPGT-HCDP Desulfuring Plant is a brand new alternative desulfuring process to HDS Process since its exclusive design of reactor which is able to accelarate the reaction between the desulfuring reagent and the sulfur containing compounds  With PurePath sepcial design, it could increase the desulfurization reaction rate largely to get ultra-low sulfur and good performace commerical fuel oil same as from HDS process. Sulfides such as thiophenes, substituted benzo- and dibenzothiophenes are oxidized under low temperature and pressure conditions. Therefore, expensive hydrogen or high temeprature reaction condition is no need during desulfurization reaction to make the the PPGT process more suitable for medium and small refinery. 

Desulfurization Plant


As an alterantive solution of traditional HDS process, PPGT-UODS Plant can be used to remove the sulfur content from the feed such as Gas Oil, Diesel, Naphtha, Kerosene, Tyre Oil, Plastic Oil etc. to reduce the sulfur content to related international standards(i.e. 10ppm for Diesel, Naphtha & Kerosene;).

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