PPGT-LP Waste Oil Distillation Plant

PPGT-LP Waste Oil Distillation Plant

The final product after distillation can be adjusted to new base oil or gold diesel according to customer requirements. Professional makes perfect. Our team of professional engineers accurately calculated and tested all dimensions and processes of the refinery’s components. We make sure that every drop of this plant is pure and clean.

AppearanceVisualClear & Bright
ColourASTM D15000.5 MAX
*Flash PointASTM D92240 MIN
*Pour PointASTM D97-15 MAX
*Density @ 15℃ASTM D1298Kg/I0.89 MAX
*Viscosity [email protected]ASTM D445cSt95.00 MIN
*Viscosity [email protected]ASTM D44511.00 MIN
Viscosity IndexASTM D2270100 MIN
*Sulphur ContentASTM D4294-10%m0.776
Where to collect those waste oil?

Professional makes perfect

All the sizes and processes for the parts and components of this refining plant have been precisely & carefully calcuated and tested our prefessional engineers team to make sure every drop of the oil out this plant is pure and clean.

Technical Parameters
Process Capacity Max2 TPD5 TPD10 TPD15 TPD20 TPD30 TPD50 TPD
Power Consumption15KWH PER TONS OF WASTE OIL
Vacuum Degree≤-0.05KPa
Heating MethodFuel oil/Natural Gas/LPG/Electricity
Heating Temp160-450℃
Voltage220/380/450V 50/60HZ
Dimensions (L*W*H)10* 4.2* 5.8M11.5* 4.5* 6.0M13* 5.0* 7.0M15* 5.5* 7.5M18* 6.0* 8.0M25* 7.0* 10M35* 10* 12M
Approx Weight10T12T15T18T22T26T35T

*TPD=Tons Per Day
*All parameters are subject to variations, please consult our sales team for precise parameters before placing an order.

Working Flow Chart

7 facts you should about PPGT-LP Waste Oil Pyrolysis Plant
TFE(Thin Film Evaporator)

To remove the moisture and light hydrocarbons out of waste oil efficiently without damaging the oil substances, avoiding the water & light HC to be mixed in the final product oil and increasing the flash point.

Real Rectifying distillation

Precisely calculated data of Nos. & distances of column plates, plus the PPGT patented packings to ensuring the optimal effect of gas-liquid mass transfer process (the multiple contacts b/t gas phase and liquid phase in the rectifying column), completely separate the light HC out of your feedstock to get precise cuts of diesel fractions. Ensuring the high flash point and cetane number of produced diesel fuel.

Authentic Automation

Mobile App Real-Time Monitoring & DCS/PLC Control System
Dual Control (Automatic & Manual ) Design, make sure the plant will be running properly even if the PLC is not functioning.
App Real-Time Monitoring, have everything under control.
All running status of this plant, including the Temperatures, Pressures, Vacuums, Flows, Oil Levels, Catalysts & Absorbent consumptions and Flammable Gas Detecting will be displayed in your mobile App.

Sorry, I can’t tell you what catalysts are being used Cause it is exclusive.

The catalysts which are being used on PPGT-BP waste oil re-refining plant are carefully selected and modified by PPGT chemical engineer to ensuring the best quality of the base oil with the best purity and high viscosity to be produced.

Yes, It Is Weather Resistant
ZERO Emission and ZERO Environment Impact
The thing you care the most
API standard diesel fuel.