3 Conditions For Investing In Waste Oil Processing Equipment

Affected by environmental protection policies, the waste mineral oil industry has received much attention from environmental protection industry in recent years. Many of them are capitalists. According to Purepathtech.com, some investors have completed preliminary market research and want to enter the industry and try high and low levels. . As waste mineral oil is a hazardous waste, the environmental protection policy is tightening and the threshold is getting higher and higher. For those who have already invested in the waste oil industry, they have already possessed the inherent advantages. The advantage is that they have a hazardous waste business license; this certificate For companies that want to join the waste oil industry, it is the first issue to consider, because it is related to whether it can operate normally. In addition to the certificate, there are three conditions that must be met, and they are indispensable. You can’t guarantee that your project will continue normally. These three conditions are: raw materials, capital, and technology.

Raw materials: Adequate raw materials are very important. Even if you can’t fully meet the production needs, you can at least 80% of your production capacity. Otherwise, you will not be very good. Based on the existing waste oil production source, according to Purepathtech.com The production of waste engine oil is basically in a stable state at present, but in the past year, the waste oil refueling project launched in Malaysia, according to the incomplete statistics of the waste oil network, the new waste oil project (including the recycling storage transfer project) About 150 or so, most of them are regenerative; once these projects are put into production, the demand for waste engine oil will be very large. It is foreseeable that in the next one to two years, waste oil will still be in short supply.

Funding: The regulations of the waste mineral oil recycling industry (standard conditions for the comprehensive utilization of waste mineral oil) in various countries have determined that the waste oil oil recycling industry is a capital-intensive industry. It is not the former, and the soil refining oil can be invested in hundreds of thousands. According to the observation, investing in a 5-ton start-up renewable base oil project like waste oil distillation plant, the investment is also less than 100,000 US dollars (the latest technology can not be used). Therefore, for friends who are involved in the waste oil industry, the flow of funds is guaranteed.

Technology: What kind of technology you choose determines the quality of your products in the future. The quality of the products determines whether your products are popular or slow-moving. At present, the most advanced technologies in the world include solvent refining and hydrogenation processes; in the current situation, solvent refining process is still the first choice of enterprises, and the cost is much lower than that of hydrogenation process; however, hydrogenation is the ultimate solution. If you have a long-term plan and not bad money, hydrogenation is the best choice.